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Representing your interests in the property division process

When a couple in Virginia divorces, does their property simply get split 50/50? Not necessarily. In Virginia, property division will be done through equitable distribution. A judge will determine what is fair in each couple's situation, and this may not always mean each party walks away from the marriage with exactly half of the marital assets.

Of course, before turning to the court for a property division decision, spouses might want to try negotiating a resolution out-of-court. After all, they understand each other and their needs, so if they're willing to work together toward the common goal of agreeing on their divorce legal issues, they may be able to reach a result that works out for both of them.

Blow the dust off that estate plan and give it a second look

Some people in Richmond may have taken the wise step of creating a comprehensive estate plan. While estate planning is a good thing to do, it is important not to let your estate plan languish and collect dust as the years go by. Instead, from time to time it should be reviewed, to ensure it still meets your needs. The following are some life events that may warrant a review of one's estate plan.

First, keep an eye out for changes in the law. For example, exemption amounts for the estate tax have changed over the years. It is important to review your estate plan when tax laws change, to ensure it still meets your needs. Marital laws have also changed over the years. For example, same-sex marriage was made legal in 2015. For couples affected by that law, it may be worthwhile to review their estate plan to take advantage of any opportunities they did not have in the past.

Estate planning involves more than just a simple will

Some people in Richmond may have taken the wise step of creating a will, but then stopped there thinking their estate plan is complete. However, a well-rounded estate plan encompasses more than just a simple will. Let's go over some other documents that a person may want to include in their estate plan.

For example, a person might want to include a health care power of attorney and financial power of attorney in their estate plan. Sometimes these two appointments are included in a single document. However, they each accomplish a different thing.

High-asset divorce requires fair asset valuation

No matter how amicably a divorcing couple in Richmond wishes to split, heightened emotions can cloud one's judgment, and lead a person to make less-than-rational decisions. This may be especially true in a high-asset divorce, since the stakes are so high. Therefore, it can help to seek the assistance of neutral financial experts when it comes to negotiating a settlement in a high-asset divorce, so that a fair result can be reached.

Part of keeping a high-asset divorce realistic is to seek the help of a valuation expert. This person can objectively determine how much the couple's assets are worth. However, keep in mind that sometimes, such as in the case of those who own a business, valuing an asset can be very complex.

Work with your ex to create the ideal parenting plan this fall

September is a month of transition for your kids. The open freedom of summer gets replaced by school schedules and activities. Life becomes much more structured.

If you and your ex are getting divorced, the changes must fit with both of your schedules. You can feel them more drastically than during your marriage.

What steps can Richmond entrepreneurs take to start a business?

Entrepreneurs in Richmond may have a dream of starting their own business. They may have a great idea for a product to sell, or maybe they want to start up their own practice in their chosen profession. When starting a new business, however, there are certain steps that should be taken.

First, it can help to conduct market research. By obtaining information about your possible customer base and examining your competition, you can determine whether and where there is a demand for your business.

What are the penalties for drunk driving in Virginia?

Virginia residents may certainly appreciate the three-day weekend Labor Day brings. And, for many, Labor Day is a time to celebrate the end of summer before ushering in the fall season. Whether a person is spending Labor Day at a party, or whether they are simply relaxing in their home, like any other holiday people across Virginia will have a drink or two on Labor Day.

However, those who are drinking need to take care before getting behind the wheel of a car. This is because, if they drive while intoxicated, they could be pulled over by police and charged with drunk driving. This is highly undesirable, as there are serious penalties for drunk driving.

Steps Richmond entrepreneurs should take to start a home business

Some entrepreneurs in Richmond with a dream they want to see come to fruition may one day decide to quit the rat-race and start a home-based business. This is not so unusual. The Small Business Administration reports that there are over 28 million small businesses in our nation, and 52 percent of these businesses are based in a person's home. Deciding to start a home business is exciting, but entrepreneurs considering undertaking such an endeavor should make sure they take the appropriate steps to avoid making mistakes in the process.

First of all, an entrepreneur will need to decide on the structure of their business. For example, they may decide on a sole proprietorship. This means the legal name of the business is the entrepreneur's name, unless the entrepreneur has a DBA, or doing business as, filing in place. On the other hand, other entrepreneurs wish to shield themselves from liability in their business. If this is the case, they might choose to create a limited liability company. That being said, before choosing a business structure, it is important to meet with an attorney, to make sure all the legal requirements are met.

September 5 is almost here: Get ready for the new school year

The public school system in Richmond, Virginia, opens the 2017 to 2018 school year on September 5. While all parents are likely scrambling around to get things ready, those who have a child custody agreements might have some extra things to think about.

There isn't a lot of time to get things situated before the first day of school. However, now is a good time to review the child custody agreement and plan how you are going to make it work.

Is your child custody plan realistic?

When you get to court and hash out a child custody plan with your ex, your natural instinct may be to inflate your own availability.

For example, you may desperately want to prove to yourself and others that you don't need anyone else. You'll say that you can always take the child to school and after-school activities, that you can spend every weekend with him or her, and that you'll do everything in your power to be a great parent.

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