We Provide Aggressive DUI Defense

Richmond is considered a high pass-through area for highway use, because millions of vehicles stream through Virginia every day, in addition to our own local traffic. One consequence of this traffic flow is the arrest of drivers for a wide variety of crimes, including driving while intoxicated, also known as DUI/DWI.

DUI Is A Serious Crime

DUI is a one of the most common charges police file. It is levied against people who have not caused anyone harm, and the punishments get more severe with every passing year. Quite apart from the heavy fines for first offenders, it is not a conviction you can afford to have on your record. A second offense, even occurring many years after the first, is treated with extreme harshness.

We urge drivers of every age to carry the name and phone number of a good DUI lawyer in their glove compartment or cellphone, in case they are pulled over. You will find we move quickly on your behalf in such situations. Your defense and your freedom may depend on limiting the evidence that can be used against you.

We have successfully defended many young people at local schools and colleges who have been charged with DUI.

Assisting Out-Of-State Motorists Charged With DUI In Richmond

We urge out-of-towners passing through the Richmond area who are arrested to call Coates & Davenport, P.C. A local law firm can make the process easier for you in many ways. If you live out of state, you may not have to return for trial.

We work with clients charged with every serious traffic crime:

  • First DUI offense
  • Multiple DUI offenses
  • Underage DUI
  • Failing field sobriety tests
  • Failing or refusing breath alcohol tests
  • License suspension and revocation
  • Sobriety checkpoint arrests
  • Hit and run
  • Vehicular manslaughter
  • Vehicular homicide

We also defend clients against serious traffic violations, including reckless driving.

Our team of criminal and traffic law attorneys is a diverse group of experienced professionals:

Ericka Battle
T. Michael Blanks, Jr.
Thomas F. Coates III
Harrison Hubard, Jr.
Todd A. Knode
Tammy L. Sossei

Pulled over for DUI? Don't talk to police; talk to the Richmond DUI attorneys at Coates & Davenport, P.C., at 804-729-5537, or write to us using this online form.