Estate Planning

The future is, of course, unknowable. Anyone can develop an incapacitating illness or serious medical condition. Anyone can become disabled by an accident. One cannot foresee the twists and turns life can take, but one can plan, in a general sense, for the unpredictable.

Developing an estate plan is central to such plans. Simply put, everyone should clearly establish their wishes for their families, finances and health care. In addition, if you own a small business, you should consider planning for passing its management on to the next generation or to your key employees.

Whatever your particular needs, the lawyers of Coates & Davenport, P.C., can help you find the right estate planning solutions. Contact us today for a confidential appointment with a qualified elder law lawyer in our Richmond, Virginia, law offices.

We Help You To Create A Customized Solution

Our attorneys can help you identify your objectives and document your intentions with respect to:

  • Durable power of attorney — designating a trusted person to handle your financial affairs in the event you can no longer do so
  • Medical power of attorney — appointing someone to manage your treatment decisions if you become unable to express your own preferences
  • Advance medical directive — specifying your intentions for life support or suspension of treatment in circumstances such as irreversible coma or persistent vegetative state
  • Will contests and protection of inheritance rights

Whatever your needs, we are able to help advise you.

Exploring All Avenues For Your Individual Situation

At Coates & Davenport, P.C., we also advise families and prepare trust instruments that address specific needs and goals:

  • Estate planning for blended families
  • Tax planning trust options, such as grantor retained trusts, charitable remainder unitrusts, generation-skipping trusts, and other instruments that protect against tax liability
  • Business succession planning for closely held family companies

Our estate planning practice includes living trusts and elder law issues such as guardianships/conservatorships, special needs trusts, and disability and Medicaid planning, especially for individuals receiving SSI and those with Alzheimer's and Parkinson's.

Educational Or Charitable Trusts

  • Irrevocable life insurance trusts to cover expected estate tax liabilities or simply to transfer assets outside of the probate process after death
  • Revocable living trusts to minimize the size of your probate estate
  • Asset protection

Our estate planning lawyers work closely with you and get to know your priorities, concerns and objectives. We can then develop a custom estate plan suitable for your unique circumstances.

Reach Out To Us When You Need Help

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We are also adept at assisting trustees and executors probate estates and administer trusts.