Family Law

The Virginia family law practice at Coates & Davenport, P.C., is adept at handling all manner of family law issues. Our clients include people seeking to divorce, those hoping to enforce child and spousal support decrees, and extending support to unmarried persons who need family law representation.

Contact us for a confidential consultation with a qualified family law lawyer at Coates & Davenport, P.C., in Richmond. We have dedicated our practice to handling all matters concerning divorce and family law effectively and sensitively.

Modifying A Decree

We advise people who need to change the terms of a child custody, spousal support or child support decree. We counsel people about the likelihood that a judge will order a change in the original order or agreement.

Our family law attorneys can then negotiate a new agreement with your former spouse or develop and present the evidence favoring your position at a court hearing. Our family law attorneys represent either the person seeking the modification or the person opposing it.

Post-Decree Enforcement

What are your options if you are not receiving the alimony or child support promised? We can represent you if a payer defaults in child support or alimony payments. If you are trying to get a support order enforced, we can prove the default and ask the court for penalties.

If the other party is seeking enforcement against you, we can advise you about your alternatives and develop a mutually acceptable resolution to the dispute.

Comprehensive Counsel And Representation In Family Law Matters

Our attorneys are also experienced in handling child custody. If custody is uncontested, both spouses sit down together and work out custody arrangements that are in the best interests of the children. This results in a consent order.

Contested custody is often resolved in court, by a judge who does not know your family or your parenting style. Your children's preference is only one factor the court considers.

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