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No one should have to live in an unsafe home. If you are in a serious abuse situation, we urge you to seek legal help immediately.

Family abuse is defined in the Commonwealth of Virginia as any act involving violence, threat or forceful detention, or any other action that results in physical harm or causes a person to fear he or she is in danger of physical harm.

It is often a matter between two spouses, but it can be between any two household members. Children and vulnerable older people are frequently victims of family abuse. And, indeed, a history of abuse will greatly affect a parent's right to visitation and other parenting privileges.

We Help People To Get The Assistance They Need

Orders of protection for family abuse come in several forms:

  • Emergency protective orders (EPO) are obtained from any law enforcement officer or magistrate and take effect immediately, and are based solely on your testimony to a judge. It lasts 72 hours or until the next scheduled court date.
  • Preliminary protective orders (PPO) are available from your nearest juvenile and domestic relations court. They last for 15 days.
  • Protective orders (PO) last up to two years, and require a hearing at which both sides can present evidence.

The Yin-Yang Of Family Abuse And Wrongful Arrest

Family abuse is a complex issue, reflecting the complexity of family situations. Sometimes accusations are made falsely, to obtain leverage in a custody battle or just to hurt the other party. Our firm defends individuals falsely charged with domestic assault.

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