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Learn How You Can Stop Foreclosure

In Virginia, creditors are legally entitled to come at you and take what you owe them. As a result, people in debt are deluged with phone calls, mail, emails and knocks on the door from people who want their money.

Some creditors become even more aggressive, obtaining court orders to take money from one’s bank account or paycheck. This is called garnishment. If you are already in a weakened financial condition, garnishment can finish you off.

Filing for bankruptcy stops garnishment in its tracks. The moment you file, creditors are ordered to cease and desist all efforts to collect.

Benefits Of The Automatic Stay

The automatic stay provisions of Chapter 7 bankruptcy and Chapter 13 bankruptcy stop all efforts to collect, including repossession of cars, motorcycles, trucks and other big-ticket items. Your phone will suddenly go quiet. Your mailbox will have room in it for mail again.

Chapter 13 Bankruptcy Can Halt Home Foreclosure

Not only can filing for bankruptcy stop foreclosure on your home, but it buys you time to renegotiate your payments at a rate you can afford. The bankruptcy lawyers at Coates & Davenport, P.C., based in Richmond will do most of the heavy lifting, helping with forms and filings. If you have had enough of creditor harassment, give us a call. We can point you toward a fresh financial start in life.

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