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Virginia courts leaning towards shared custody, study says

These days, more people are recognizing the important role a father plays in his child's life. Children need the time and opportunity to develop a meaningful relationship with both parents. Therefore, when it comes to divorce and child custody, courts in Virginia and nationwide are increasingly moving away from the presumption that the child's mother should have sole physical custody of the child.

What child custody arrangements are there in Virginia?

When it comes to divorce, child custody issues can be some of the most emotional issues parents in Virginia face. After all, they must concede to the fact that it is likely that there will be times when they do not see their child on a daily basis, as their child will be in the care of their ex. However, what is important is that any child custody decisions made are made with the best interests of the child in mind. There are three types of child custody arrangements to consider with regards to the care of the child.

Making a parenting plan work during the school year

When two parents in Virginia divorce, they will need to develop a parenting plan. This plan will address child custody and visitation. It is important that the child is able to form a strong bond with each parent. Divorce can be difficult for a child, so if the child's parents reach an agreement on how to share time with the child, it can provide the child with some much-needed stability.

Parents in Virginia can work together to devise a parenting plan

Child custody can be one of the most emotionally charged issues divorcing parents face. After all, parents seeking a divorce understand that they will likely not see their child every day once the split is complete. However, it is important to remember that for a child to grow and thrive, the child deserves to spend time with each parent, so that the child can cultivate a meaningful relationship with each parent. It's heplpful for parents going through a divorce to try to keep their emotions calm, and work together to create a parenting plan that meets the child's best interests.

We provide strong advocacy in child custody cases

Going through a divorce is a big change, not just for the spouses involved, but for their children as well. Most Virginia parents want to see that their children grow up in as optimal an environment as possible. Therefore, they need to recognize that, barring extreme circumstances, their children should be allowed to spend  time with each parent, even after a divorce, so that the children can have a meaningful relationship with each parent.

The holiday season can be special, even after divorce

The first holiday season after a divorce can be challenging, especially if a couple has children. They may wonder how the child will react to the changes divorce brings at this time of year. However, with some cooperation and advanced planning, parents in Virginia can ensure that the holiday season is one of celebration for all involved.

What types of child custody are there in Virginia?

When parents in Virginia decide to divorce, they may have many questions about what access they will have to their child post-divorce. In fact, child custody decisions deserve careful thought, as they will affect the relationship each parent is able to have with their child for years to come. Therefore, it is important to have a basic understanding of child custody and visitation in Virginia.

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