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Richmond bans holding cell phones while driving

The city of Richmond has passed an ordinance that bans drivers from holding any communications device, such as a cell phone, in their hand while operating a motor vehicle. The purpose of the ordinance is to help keep pedestrians safe and eliminate traffic fatalities. The ordinance was passed by the City Council in a unanimous vote and contains exceptions for public safety personnel or drivers who are having an emergency situation.

Do defenses exist to claims of drunk driving?

There is no denying that the holiday season is rapidly approaching. As Richmond residents pass out candy to trick-or-treaters on Halloween they may also be looking forward to the Thanksgiving holiday coming up only a matter of weeks later. Once December rolls around, celebrations will be plentiful as individuals celebrate a host of holidays through the New Year.

What are field sobriety tests?

Different tests and assessments may be used to determine if a driver is driving while under the influence of alcohol. While many Virginia residents may be familiar with blood and breath tests, they may not know as much about field sobriety tests. Field sobriety tests are assessments that law enforcement officers use when they make traffic stops and suspect that drivers may have been drinking.

What is "reckless driving"?

Traffic violations can be damaging legal problems for Virginia residents who count on their drivers licenses to perform their personal and professional duties. It can be difficult for individuals to meet their schedules when they must rely on public transportation to get them to where they are required to be. Losing one's license due to reckless driving charges can affect many aspects of a person's life.

What does it mean to drive under the influence?

Summer has officially started and many Virginia families may be making plans for the Fourth of July holiday. While some will travel to faraway destinations to visit family and friends, others may stay close to home to enjoy the festivities. Wherever they go and however they travel, though, they should be aware that law enforcement officials may be watching.

What are some advantages to drug courts in Virginia?

It is recognized that those who commit drug crimes often benefit more from rehabilitation rather than simple incarceration. For this reason, the Virginia court system has drug treatment courts that, depending on the circumstances, may be an alternative to traditional criminal courts. According to the state, the recidivism and re-arrest rates of those who complete drug court programs are around 50 percent less than the rates of recidivism or re-arrest rates for those whose drug cases went through the traditional trial process.

Drug treatment courts offer alternative to criminal trials

People in Virginia who have been charged with a drug crime may think that they have no other choice but to go through the traditional criminal trial process. However, what they may not know is that Virginia offers drug treatment courts to qualifying individuals that could help them regain sobriety

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