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Elder Law: Important, But Sometimes Misunderstood

There is no actual body of statutory elder law. Rather, elder law is a collection of planning tools from across various legal practices and agencies that together address the needs of people as they age.

At Richmond, Virginia-based Coates, Battle & Tyree, our skilled lawyers address the full array of elder care issues, many of which are financial in nature — creating a plan that will stretch existing resources in combination with benefits programs, allowing people to live out their lives in a comfortable way.

Let Us Help You Determine What You Need

These elder law planning tools relate to:

Meeting The Changing Needs Of People As They Age

In our practice we meet not just with seniors themselves, but also with their adult children, many of whom are anxious to find solid solutions for the people they love most. We start with basic things, like the importance of a will and powers of attorney, and then we move on to advance directives, gift tax issues and a strategy of passing on life assets to the next generation.

As we age our legal needs evolve. For help, call the Richmond elder law attorneys at Coates, Battle & Tyree, at 804-729-5537, or write to us using this online form.

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