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Assistance navigating the child custody process

On Behalf of | Jul 28, 2017 | High Asset Divorce

While there are many different elements to consider during a divorce – especially when your estate is made up of complex accounts and holdings – your children are clearly in a realm all their own. Trying to do the best for your children while juggling every other aspect of the divorce can be an extremely difficult tightrope to walk, and that’s why having experienced representation is crucial.

When it comes to child custody in Virginia, there is no assumption of equal sharing. This means that unless parents come together and formulate a child custody plan that is fair to both parties and, ideally, involves and equal amount of time spent with both mother and father, a court may make the decision.

This is problematic. You and your spouse have spent year raising your children and you know what’s best for them. Even though you and your spouse are ending your relationship, you most likely still both agree that taking care of your kids is the most important aspect of your lives. How could a court have enough information and understanding to make a decision on who the children spend the majority of their time with? Simply put – it doesn’t.

At Coates & Davenport, PC, our attorneys are highly experienced in handling child custody matters. We know how to navigate these situations, ultimately bringing both spouses together to work out a custody plan that is fair to each parent and allows the best possible solution for the children. You and your spouse know your children better than anyone else, so don’t let a court make decisions for you. With proper assistance, a plan can be put in place that is fair and beneficial for all involved. For more information, please visit our family law page.