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Intestacy laws in Virginia

It is a commonly held belief that when a person passes on that their spouse will inherit their wealth and property. If that person dies without a spouse and has children, then those individuals will be given their deceased parent's money and assets. Where and how a Virginia resident's end of life estate goes once they have passed on can be managed through the creation of an estate plan. However, those who do not create formal plans for the disposition of their assets will have the laws of intestacy apply.

What does it mean to have a sound mind when making a will?

It is important that Virginia residents understand the importance of creating estate plans that meet their needs and fulfill their testamentary desires. One of the most foundational estate planning documents that individuals may choose to execute is a will. To legally create a will in Virginia, a person must meet several important requirements, one of which is to be of "sound mind."

Sharing custody can mean agreeing to parent at the same time, too

Co-parenting, which involves two adults working together but separately to raise their children, is an increasingly popular outcome for modern divorces. Courts view shared parenting responsibilities as in the best interest of the children, in most cases. Given that the desired outcome in a divorce is one that limits the negative impact on children, it is only natural and reasonable that the courts in Virginia what to split parenting responsibilities between both parents.

What should a business know before a merger?

The merger of two Virginia businesses occurs when one entity buys the other or they otherwise choose to combine their operations into one individual structure. Business mergers can make good business sense when merging financially benefits the parties. Unfortunately, not all business mergers involve adequate research and planning to avoid costly and sometimes devastating outcomes.

Preventing indirect parenting time interference

Many parents struggle to find a healthy, comfortable balance while raising their child separately, and, in many cases, one or both parents may exhibit unacceptable behavior that violates their parenting agreement. Some of the most common violations occur when one parent keeps the other from enjoying time with their child, known as direct parenting time interference.

Back-to-school season can change a child's needs

As Labor Day approaches, many kids in Virginia have returned to school or are preparing to do so. Getting back into the routine of school can be hard for kids as they let go of their freedom and replace it with the structure of daily classes, assignments, and extracurricular activities. However, children who are subject to child custody and parenting plans can find the start of the school year particularly tough when their parents have not worked out the details of their new schedules.

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