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A high asset divorce can bring financial surprises

According to a survey conducted by Worthy, an Internet marketplace, 46 percent of female respondents who were contemplating divorce, were in the process of divorcing or were currently divorced reported that they experienced unexpected financial issues due to the split. This is significant, especially in a high asset divorce where financial issues may take center stage. It is important for spouses of either sex in Virginia to anticipate the following financial issues they may experience due to divorce, so they can sufficiently prepare for them.

Virginia courts leaning towards shared custody, study says

These days, more people are recognizing the important role a father plays in his child's life. Children need the time and opportunity to develop a meaningful relationship with both parents. Therefore, when it comes to divorce and child custody, courts in Virginia and nationwide are increasingly moving away from the presumption that the child's mother should have sole physical custody of the child.

Has the 'War on Drugs' ever really been about drugs?

The "War on Drugs" famously began under President Richard Nixon, and marked a clear shift in the way that Americans viewed drugs and the prosecution of drug crimes. Authorities were afforded more power and more resources. Drugs crimes appeared highly illegal and scandalous to the general public. Arrest numbers began to climb.

What child custody arrangements are there in Virginia?

When it comes to divorce, child custody issues can be some of the most emotional issues parents in Virginia face. After all, they must concede to the fact that it is likely that there will be times when they do not see their child on a daily basis, as their child will be in the care of their ex. However, what is important is that any child custody decisions made are made with the best interests of the child in mind. There are three types of child custody arrangements to consider with regards to the care of the child.

Virginia law takes speeding very seriously

Oftentimes motorists drive faster than the posted speed limit. They may not know what the speed limit is in the area they are driving, they may simply think they are driving the speed of traffic, or they may think that going five to ten miles per hour over the speed limit is no big deal. After all, speeding is something most motorists have done at least once.

A letter of instruction can complement an estate plan

It is important for people in Richmond to have an air-tight estate plan. This may include having a will or trust (or both), power of attorney for health care, a living will, financial power of attorney and more. An estate plan can be complex. To help ensure loved ones fully understand one's intentions for their estate plan, it may help to draft a letter of instruction. While this is not a legally-enforceable document, it can provide clarity.

What types of business entities are there in Virginia?

Forming a business in our state requires choosing a business entity. Of course, some people will go at it alone as a sole proprietorship. However, when two or more people wish to form a business together, they have a choice as to the type of entity they want to form. Today, we will look at corporations, limited liability companies, partnerships and limited partnerships.

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