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How does a remarriage affect one's estate plan?

According to the Census Bureau, approximately 17 percent of people in the U.S. will marry a second time after their first marriage ends. While many in Virginia may feel lucky to have found love again following a death or divorce, the legal issues surrounding second marriages can be more complex than those regarding a person's first marriage. This is especially true when it comes to estate planning.

How can a divorce affect a Virginian's estate plan?

Some married couples in Virginia may have executed an estate plan together, never anticipating that one day their union may end. However, divorce is reality for many couples in the U.S. When a couple divorces, in addition to resolving their divorce legal issues, they may also want to review their estate plan, and revise it when necessary.

Getting more time with your children after a Virginia divorce

One of the most frustrating things about divorce is how it always seems to impact the relationship between parents and children. The parent who sees the children the most will likely have to deal with the intense emotional burden of the children acting out as a result of the family dynamics changing.

What are the 'perils of reciprocity' of a Virginia DUI?

Many people, both Virginians and non-Virginians alike may have travelled across Interstate-95 during their travels this past holiday season. And, unfortunately, some of these individuals may have been arrested and charged with drunk driving. It is important to have a basic understanding of when a person could be charged with DUI and what penalties one might face, especially with regards to residents of other states who are travelling in Virginia.

Virginia businesses facing bankruptcy may have options

A person can put all their effort into their small business, but sometimes due to market conditions, consumer demands or other unforeseen issues, a business in Virginia can repeatedly fail to turn a profit. If this goes on long enough a business owner may decide that their best option is to file for bankruptcy. In general, there are three types of business bankruptcies. It is important to understand what these are so that informed choices can be made.

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