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A partnership may serve a new business's needs

Virginia recognizes a number of different business structures that individuals may use when they set up their new entities. From the simple sole proprietorship to the more complex S-Corporation, there are a myriad of structures that individuals may assess before they select the ones that will serve their business's needs. This post will offer information on one popular form of business structure - partnerships - that readers may wish to pursue. However, readers should seek their own legal guidance before committing to a business structure as this post does not provide any legal advice.

What is virtual visitation?

Readers of this Virginia legal blog may know others or may themselves have the kinds of jobs that they can do from anywhere. Whereas in the past a person had to go to the offices of their employer in order to complete their job tasks, today the interconnectedness of the world allows individuals to work from practically anywhere they want. As long as they have access to the internet and reliable electronic devices, they can respond to emails, chat with co-workers and even teleconference with their bosses whenever it is required.

What are some advantages to drug courts in Virginia?

It is recognized that those who commit drug crimes often benefit more from rehabilitation rather than simple incarceration. For this reason, the Virginia court system has drug treatment courts that, depending on the circumstances, may be an alternative to traditional criminal courts. According to the state, the recidivism and re-arrest rates of those who complete drug court programs are around 50 percent less than the rates of recidivism or re-arrest rates for those whose drug cases went through the traditional trial process.

Consider all defense options after drug charges

When you are facing drug charges, your entire future is suddenly uncertain. If the prosecution handling your case chooses to push for harsh sentencing, and you do not have a strong defense, you may face harsh fines, loss of privileges and significant jail time. Regardless of the circumstances surrounding your arrest and charges, to protect your future opportunities and rights in Virginia, you must begin building a strong defense as soon as possible.

Drug treatment courts offer alternative to criminal trials

People in Virginia who have been charged with a drug crime may think that they have no other choice but to go through the traditional criminal trial process. However, what they may not know is that Virginia offers drug treatment courts to qualifying individuals that could help them regain sobriety

Estate planning for high-conflict families

Family relationships are complicated, and many families in Virginia have their fair share of squabbles. However, when it comes to estate planning, family feuds can complicate matters. A person might want to name some relatives as heirs but not others, or an heir might contest a will they feel is unfair. Fighting can also come up during difficult emotional times, such as having to make medical decisions for an incapacitated loved one. Executing an estate plan in a high-conflict family takes care.

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