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When may a will be considered invalid?

It is important that individuals who wish to create and execute wills in Virginia speak with attorneys who work in the estate planning field. That is because the Commonwealth imposes certain requirements on wills in order for them to be considered valid. When a will is deficient or does not meet the standards set by state law, it may not be used as a controlling document in the disposition of the decedent's estate.

Could refusing a breath test help you avoid a Virginia DUI?

Driving under the influence of alcohol is a dangerous, although common, decision. Virginia law enforcement officers take a number of steps in order to minimize the risk that drunk drivers create for others on the road. They may set up patrols looking for inebriated drivers when they know people are likely to leave bars in the early morning. They also often set up sobriety checkpoints on holiday weekends or other times when they anticipate large numbers of drunk drivers.

What it means to have supervised visitation with a child

Visitation is the legal right that non-custodial parents may be given if courts determine that they should have contact with their children but should not have physical custodial rights over them. In Virginia, there are several different types of visitation that parents may be granted or my fight for; while many parents receive reasonable unsupervised visitation with their kids, others may receive scheduled supervised time with their children.

What is "reckless driving"?

Traffic violations can be damaging legal problems for Virginia residents who count on their drivers licenses to perform their personal and professional duties. It can be difficult for individuals to meet their schedules when they must rely on public transportation to get them to where they are required to be. Losing one's license due to reckless driving charges can affect many aspects of a person's life.

A new school may mean new custodial needs

By now children all across the Commonwealth of Virginia have been released from their classes and are enjoying the freedom that comes with the summer break. While some will go back to their same schools when fall rolls around and classes resume, others will move up to schools for higher grades or will relocate and therefore change institutions where they study. Changes in schools can mean big changes in scheduling for families, and new schedules can sometimes require new custodial plans.

Great summer driving weather can lead to reckless driving charges

The monotony of driving can lead to distraction and questionable decisions. For example, a driver bored with their daily commute may be more likely to exceed the speed limit or engage in other dangerous activities, such as texting at the wheel. For Virginia drivers, those questionable decisions can often carry very serious consequences.

What does it mean to drive under the influence?

Summer has officially started and many Virginia families may be making plans for the Fourth of July holiday. While some will travel to faraway destinations to visit family and friends, others may stay close to home to enjoy the festivities. Wherever they go and however they travel, though, they should be aware that law enforcement officials may be watching.

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