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Important considerations about child custody in Virginia

Parents who divorce or separate in Virginia and who must come up with workable solutions to their co-parenting needs may find themselves negotiating child custody plans between themselves. Child custody refers to the arrangements that parents or courts make to establish how a child will be cared for, where the child will live, and who may make decisions about the child's upbringing. Both legal and physical custody are important matters that must be worked out in custody and parenting plans.

What issues should be assessed before opening a business?

Starting a new business may be the dream of many Richmond residents, but not everyone takes the plunge to open an entity of their very own. That is because opening a new business is complicated and somewhat risky. Though there is no way to guarantee that a new start-up business will have enduring success, there are a number of important considerations that should be seriously weighed before its owners officially open their doors for business.

Preparing custody schedules during the busy holiday season

In a matter of weeks, children all throughout Virginia will don costumes and take to the streets to trick-or-treat with their friends and family members. Halloween is a fun evening for kids but also the start of what many people consider the end-of-year holiday season. Once Halloween is over it is only a few weeks until Thanksgiving, which is then closely followed by Hanukkah and Christmas, and shortly thereafter followed by New Year's Day.

Financial planning during marriage can help ease divorce burdens

Weddings are often joyous occasions where individuals come together with their families to celebrate their love for new partners. Weddings are also major undertakings that require a lot of advanced planning, careful consideration, and work. When planning weddings and preparing for their futures with their partners, Virginia residents can also take on another important planning responsibility that may save them time and stress down the road: planning for their divorces.

Should a business be considered marital property?

Many individuals in Virginia develop their entrepreneurial spirits by starting or opening their own businesses. While business ownership can be risky and can cause some to experience fear over their futures, some find comfort in going into business with loved ones like spouses. While business ownership with a spouse can be fulfilling, it can also become messy if the partners choose to divorce and divide their entity.

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