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Representing your interests in the property division process

On Behalf of | Oct 13, 2017 | High Asset Divorce

When a couple in Virginia divorces, does their property simply get split 50/50? Not necessarily. In Virginia, property division will be done through equitable distribution. A judge will determine what is fair in each couple’s situation, and this may not always mean each party walks away from the marriage with exactly half of the marital assets.

Of course, before turning to the court for a property division decision, spouses might want to try negotiating a resolution out-of-court. After all, they understand each other and their needs, so if they’re willing to work together toward the common goal of agreeing on their divorce legal issues, they may be able to reach a result that works out for both of them.

However, even couples who decide they want to try negotiations before turning to litigation in their divorce should seek legal help first. After all, most people do not have much experience with the court system. An attorney not only understands the logistics of filing for divorce, but he or she also has knowledge of case law and state statutes. This knowledge and experience can be very helpful to those who are going through the divorce process.

At our firm, we have handled a wide spectrum of property division cases, including property division in a high-asset divorce. Especially in a high-asset divorce, it is important that property division is fair, since so much is at stake. By working with legal professionals throughout the divorce process, whether decisions are made through negotiations or whether a couple turns to the court to make these important decisions, each party can ensure that their interests are protected.