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How to safely share the road this summer

On Behalf of | Jun 1, 2020 | Personal Injury

The beautiful weather of Virginia summers makes a great excuse to savor the season. So, as you drive, ride or walk to any excursion or event you have planned, it’s important to travel as safely as possible so you can enjoy many more summers ahead.

Warmer weather usually makes for a larger mix of vehicles, bikers and pedestrians. Therefore, safety begins with individual actions and taking extra care to be mindful of those around you.

Motorists and defensive driving

Motor vehicles and smaller, more exposed travelers collide every day. One way to drive with not only your safety in mind, but the safety of others too, is to use defensive driving methods. This includes having your next turn in mind, and also having an idea of how you would react when you face unexpected driving conditions. For example, you can avoid crashing into bicyclists that swerve on the road by keeping watch of them in side mirrors and strategically passing them.

Cyclists, motorcyclists, pedestrians and visibility

If you travel by two wheels, then you probably already know the importance of wearing proper safety gear, like helmets, padding, gloves and specific footwear. But it’s also crucial for motorcyclists, bicyclists and pedestrians to wear reflective clothing and accessories to help increase visibility. There are studies to show reflective clothing alerts drivers better than neon clothing, and reflective clothing can reduce the risk of a collision by 38%.

Dangers of distractions

No matter how you choose to travel, distractions and impairment can be major sources of accidents. Keeping your cell phone tucked away while you travel can save you from a fatal incident and a fine, if you’re driving. Similarly, driving or operating a bike or motorbike under the influence of alcohol or drugs can be both dangerous and unlawful. Even taking an evening stroll after one too many drinks can be deathly, as alcohol can leave you with poor judgement and coordination.

The hope is that you make the most of your summer and have safe travels. But if you’ve been involved in any kind of collision, then an experienced personal injury attorney can help you received compensation.