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Shake off any pangs of guilt when filing for bankruptcy

On Behalf of | Dec 16, 2020 | Bankruptcy

This could not have happened to you. But it did. For years, you have cautiously told anyone you knew the dangers of overspending and falling into debt. Little did they know that you harbored a long-kept secret: You, too, struggle with debt. So much so that you owe creditors thousands of dollars.

You are considering filing for bankruptcy but worry about the outcome as well as its effects on your reputation. An embarrassment of riches this is not. It is a different kind of embarrassment. But you should not look upon it that way. In reality, you have taken the first step toward financial recovery. A new beginning awaits you. Debt, begone.

Taking responsibility, road to financial recovery

You are being decisive and taking responsibility by filing for bankruptcy. Do not look upon bankruptcy as a stigma, rather it is the solution that you have long needed. It is time for a turnaround, and with bankruptcy, you are making that adjustment.

You understand that you need guidance while taking an introspective look at yourself and your financial behavior and habits that led to debt. Bankruptcy, essentially, marks the first of a few key changes you need to make in your life.

On the surface, you do have worries about securing credit in the future. But as long as you abide by a regimented financial recovery plan, you will eventually discover that credit again is within your reach. You also wonder about what others will say about your situation. Ignore the naysayers and ignore any negative thoughts that cross your mind.

You are on your way to financial recovery. You plan to work hard at that, too. There is no shame in that.