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Signs that divorce might be on your horizon

On Behalf of | May 19, 2021 | High Asset Divorce

Most, if not all, relationships go through rough patches. This doesn’t always mean that divorce is on the horizon, but there may be certain indications that your marriage is on the rocks. If you start seeing these signs, then it might be time to start thinking about your future and whether pursuing marriage dissolution is in your best interests.

Signs that your marriage may be failing

There are a lot of signs that your marriage may be failing. Of course, no two relationships are the same, and you and your spouse might be able to work through your issues, but these signs might be reason to consider divorce:

  • You’re simply unhappy: This is perhaps the number one telltale sign of a failing marriage. You might find that you have contempt for your spouse’s behavior or find that they no longer give you the support that you want. Consider whether sticking with your marriage is worth your happiness.
  • Avoidance is common: In many failing marriages, the spouses seek ways to avoid each other. They may work late, frequently go out with their own friends, or plan frequent trips separately to visit family.
  • You’re living more like roommates: If the love is gone, then you might find yourself living like roommates with your spouse. You don’t plan things together. You don’t talk about your own lives much with each other. You might even sleep in different rooms.
  • Priorities have changed: Marriage means that spouses live their lives together. When priorities and values stray from each other, though, it can be hard to live together.

Seek the resolution that you need

Even those who are facing these challenges might be able to work to preserve their marriage, but you shouldn’t continue these efforts if it mean being in a toxic marriage that isn’t good for you or your kids. That’s why if you have serious doubts about the vitality of your marriage moving forward, then now may be the time to consider whether divorce is your best option.