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Passing Down Your Legacy Through Creation Of A Will

No estate plan is complete without a will. The will provides clear direction to the executor of your estate. Well-constructed provisions reduce the possibility of confusion regarding your wishes. A will lessens the chances of a will contest or unnecessary litigation and helps the probate process go more smoothly.

At Coates, Battle & Tyree, we will pursue every option to settle your estate as quickly and inexpensively as possible. Our lawyers will construct a will clearly stating your desires regarding the distribution of your estate. The will we provide for you will also accommodate any other estate planning documents prepared for you, including powers of attorney and advance medical directives.

The Reasons Why A Will Is So Important

When it comes to the distribution of an estate, no two situations are alike. Each of us has a unique financial situation and set of belongings. Yet, without a will, a court – instead of you – may be the one to decide how to divide your belongings.

When making such a division, a court may be unable to abide by your desires. It may not have any guidance concerning dealing with family members with specific needs or the operation of running a business for which you were the owner. And if you have children from a previous marriage or stepchildren for which you wish to provide, a court cannot depart from state and local rules.

The law firm of Coates, Battle & Tyree will provide you with the compassionate and experienced guidance and services you need when it comes to creating a will. Our attorneys will gain a tremendous understanding of your concerns and familiarize themselves with your estate. The will they prepare for you will comply with your wishes.

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