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Legal Guidance Through Transactions And Breach Of Contract Claims

Businesses exist and operate through countless spoken and written agreements known as contracts.

When partners agree to start a business together, the next step is to put that agreement into place, most likely through a vocalized promise, a written order or a signed deal. When a customer orders a custom-made piece of clothing or furniture, for example, the manufacturer agrees to specifications and has the order ready by a promised date. This is an example of everyday business dealings through spoken and written contracts. When a business acquires another business, this process requires contracts.

A business often has a wide variety of agreements to enter into with other people and legal entities. Stocking materials, arranging for maintenance of facilities, delivering services or goods to customers, and hiring employees are all situations that call for carefully drafted and scrutinized contracts.

Offering One-Time Assistance Or Long-Term Legal Services

Given the complexities of today’s business environment, business owners and managers often discover the need for legal advice when drafting, formalizing, agreeing to or enforcing contracts. Learn how Coates, Battle & Tyree can help your business with a one-time contract or with many contracts.

Our legal team often acts in the role of in-house counsel for small to medium-sized businesses. In this capacity, we provide customized, services such as those that large corporations often obtain from their staff attorneys in connection with:

In case of disputes such as allegations of breach of contract, we represent clients as plaintiffs or defendants through negotiations, mediation, arbitration and litigation.

Turn To A Trustworthy Source Of Counsel And Practical Help

Coates, Battle & Tyree brings much experience to the table. We can help you and your business in all facets and stages of contracts and transactions. Discuss your needs and concerns about any type of business contract by calling 804-729-5537 or emailing us through this website.