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Meet Business Challenges Head-On With A Will To Win

Preventing and preparing to handle disputes is ideal, but sometimes challenges come out of thin air and you must respond promptly and assertively to protect your business interests.

Whether you are in the process of starting a business or are managing an established one, your business may encounter disputes within your company or involve relationships with:

  • Other businesses, such as suppliers, business clients and subcontracted services that support your business
  • Individual customers, clients or patients (in the case of a medical business)
  • Commercial landlords
  • Neighboring businesses on adjacent commercial properties or properties nearby
  • Government entities
  • Other legal opponents

In any conflict scenario, an early resolution is most likely the best for your business’s bottom line. When stakes are high, however, you may need a strong advocate to help you protect your rights and interests. For best results, consult with an experienced business law attorney to weigh your options and priorities. Explore avenues to prevent the loss of valuable time and resources.

Find The Solutions You Need

As you grapple with a dispute at any stage, we invite you to contact Coates, Battle & Tyree for guidance and help. Our business litigation attorneys bring a vast wealth of knowledge and experience to the table. Our business litigation practice focuses on the following ways of tackling contract disputes, commercial real estate disputes and more:

  • Contract review
  • Vigorous representation in or out of court
    • Negotiations
    • Mediation
    • Arbitration (required in some cases)
    • Preparation for trial

Our law firm fills the role of general counsel for many small to medium-sized businesses in the area. Large corporations have their own lawyers on staff. Our clients at smaller businesses derive similar benefits through our customized counsel. Our firm’s way of operating is flexible to accommodate clients’ preferences and needs.

Act Now

Your business may be looking for a business law attorney to conduct a needs assessment for preventive purposes, or it may be already embroiled in a dispute. Your business may be in the position of a plaintiff (complaining about fraud, for example) or a defendant (accused of wrongdoing). Whatever the circumstances, please know that we are here to meet your needs and protect your business’s interests overall. To schedule a consultation, call 804-729-5537 or inquire through our online form for a prompt response.