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Attorneys Assisting With Protective Orders And Family Violence Charges

Domestic violence is one of the most challenging aspects of the law, with elements of both family law and criminal law and sometimes even juvenile law.

On the one hand, it is in society’s interests to protect families from the toxicity of violence, abuse, threats and intimidation. On the other hand, the law is often enforced without much thought to the rights of the accused, the intentions of the accuser and the damage done to the accused’s reputation, even when there is an acquittal.

The Sooner You Contact Us, The Better

In Virginia, when police respond to a domestic violence call, you can be certain someone will be led away in cuffs. What the accuser does not know is that he or she cannot just drop charges. The case belongs to the commonwealth now, and the commonwealth is intent on getting convictions. That is the time to contact an aggressive domestic defense law firm like Coates, Battle & Tyree.

Domestic Assault • Family Violence • Assault And Battery • Sexual Assault

Our attorneys have successfully represented scores of domestic and other kinds of assault cases. Many times what is reported as assault never happened or was an act of self-defense, or the charge was made up out of spite or in an attempt to obtain an advantage in divorce proceedings.

We focus on the case against you, analyzing it for falsehoods, holes, contradictions and improbabilities. Most cases do not go to trial, but we prepare for each one as if it will. This preparedness often leads prosecutors to cut a deal favorable to you early in the process.

Sentencing strategy is another important part of our approach. Our knowledge of sentencing guidelines, mitigation factors and alternative sentencing options creates opportunities for favorable outcomes in even the most challenging situations.

Have you been charged with domestic violence? Act quickly to protect your freedom and your reputation. To discuss your situation in depth, call our lawyers at 804-729-5537 – or write to us using our online form.