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What you should know about virtual visitation in Virginia

On Behalf of | Dec 15, 2023 | Child Custody & Parenting Plans

The state’s family laws presume that having an ongoing relationship with both parents is generally in a child’s best interest. So, while the state doesn’t have specific laws that stipulate that each parent has virtual visitation rights when they are not residing with their child, judges are often open to it.

In the digital age, where technology is revolutionizing various aspects of life, it comes as no surprise that even legal matters, such as visitation and parenting time, have found their place in the virtual realm.

What is virtual visitation?

This approach refers to the use of technology to enable communication between parents and their children when children are residing with their other parent. This can include video calls, instant messaging and other online tools that allow parents to maintain a meaningful connection with their children, even if their physical presence is not possible.

Virtual visitation acts as a bridge, allowing parents to participate actively in their child’s daily life, regardless of physical distance. Regular communication fosters a sense of connection and emotional bonding, contributing positively to the parent-child relationship.

The state recognizes the importance of maintaining parent-child relationships, even when physical distances pose challenges. Virtual visitation is acknowledged and can be incorporated into parenting plans, provided it serves a child’s best interests.

Creating a virtual visitation schedule may be helpful in better ensuring consistency and predictability. Courts may require a detailed plan outlining the frequency, duration and mode of virtual communication. This plan should be flexible enough to adapt to a child’s evolving needs.

Additional considerations

It’s crucial to include specific details in a parenting plan to maximize the effectiveness of virtual parenting time. Courts appreciate thorough and well-thought-out arrangements that prioritize a child’s best interests.

While virtual visitation offers numerous benefits, addressing potential technological challenges is essential. Confirming that both parents have access to reliable internet connections and suitable devices is crucial for successful virtual communication.

Understanding virtual visitation and parenting time is vital for parents navigating the complexities of modern family dynamics. By embracing technology, parents can maintain strong connections with their children, fostering healthy relationships even when physical distances pose challenges.