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A new school may mean new custodial needs

On Behalf of | Jul 18, 2019 | Child Custody & Parenting Plans

By now children all across the Commonwealth of Virginia have been released from their classes and are enjoying the freedom that comes with the summer break. While some will go back to their same schools when fall rolls around and classes resume, others will move up to schools for higher grades or will relocate and therefore change institutions where they study. Changes in schools can mean big changes in scheduling for families, and new schedules can sometimes require new custodial plans.

For example, a high school may have an earlier start time than a middle or elementary school, which may necessitate a child’s earlier drop off than in years past. If a parent has a morning conflict that may prohibit them from being consistently responsible for this important child-rearing task then they may need to alter their custodial duties to allow their child’s other parent to participate in this ongoing event.

When children lose their opportunity to go to after school care, when their days are lengthened or shortened and when they add new activities to their busy lives, their parents may find that they are not able to work within the confines of their existing parenting plans. When this occurs, changes may be necessary to ensure that the children’s needs are fully met.

Although it is July, it is not too early to begin considering what changes may need to be made to readers’ custodial and parenting plans. Now is the time to work out and negotiate any modifications that may need to be made so that surprises and problems do not result in the fall. For help identifying and addressing potential custodial conflicts, readers can turn to their trusted family law advisors.