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Fighting out-of-state reckless driving charges in Virginia

On Behalf of | Nov 11, 2019 | Uncategorized

Driving through the state of Virginia can be a beautiful experience, especially as the seasons transition. However, receiving reckless driving charges or other kinds of traffic tickets can be a frustrating experience when you’re traveling through from another state.

Out-of-state traffic tickets often seem like more of an inconvenience than anything else, but it is always wise to build a legal defense when facing criminal charges, even misdemeanors. Before you throw your hands up and assume that there’s nothing you can do, consider some of the legal tools you can use to protect yourself, your driving record and, potentially, your criminal record.

In many instances, simply putting in some effort to reach out to the proper county office, understand the deadlines that apply to your charges and make contact with the prosecutor handling your case can make a big difference.

Gathering information and evidenceIt is possible to contest a traffic ticket from out of state, but the distance does make it a bit more inconvenient. However, by contacting the court handling your offense, you can get a good deal of the information that you need to formally contest.

When you make contact with the court, be sure to ask about the process for contesting your ticket through an affidavit. In broad strokes, contesting through an affidavit involves writing out your strongest argument for why the court should not find you guilty of your charges. Also be sure to get clear information on any and all deadlines that apply in your case. Submitting a compelling affidavit may not help you if you do not follow the proper procedures and deadlines.

Once you make contact with the appropriate court, you can also contact the prosecutor handling your case. Traffic violations are typically fairly low priorities for prosecutors, and making the effort to contact the prosecutor’s office may give you some more options. In many instances, prosecutors have some flexibility in how they pursue traffic violations. Contacting them may keep you from having to appear in court, and may even reduce the punishment if you cannot get the ticket dismissed.

Use the legal tools availableNavigating legal processes can prove very frustrating, especially when you’re dealing with individuals in another state. As you put together your legal defense, consider all the legal resources and guidance you have available. Legal guidance from an attorney who handles cases in the jurisdiction where you received your ticket can often help you work through any complications and keep your rights secure while you resolve the matter fairly.