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Visitors to Virginia need a local lawyer to fight traffic charges

On Behalf of | Feb 2, 2019 | Uncategorized

Traveling — whether you are out for business or pleasure — brings with it a host of stresses, including the potential for legal issues in other states. People travel through Virginia on their way to vacation, to visit family or to important business meetings. These individuals could wind up breaking the law in Virginia by driving too fast or in a manner that Virginia law enforcement deems reckless.

If you find yourself facing serious allegations of reckless driving or excessive speeding in Virginia, don’t take chances. You could face criminal charges and be forced to pay hundreds of dollars in fines. Contesting a traffic ticket instead of paying it may be the better option.

Failing to take proactive steps while facing traffic charges as an out-of-state driver could mean a variety of complications, from massive fines to the courts demanding that you travel back to the state for a court hearing.

Working with a local attorney gives you insight into local laws

If you get into trouble because you don’t know the traffic laws in Virginia, why would you hire an attorney who knows the traffic laws primarily in your home state? While Virginia does allow attorneys from other states to represent clients in Virginia courts, that may not be your best option.

Hiring a local attorney can mean that you don’t have to travel back to Virginia to appear in court. It also means that you will have legal representation from someone who really understands how seriously Virginia treats traffic infractions. If your attorney doesn’t realize the serious consequences that could result, they may not prepare adequately or treat your case with the gravity and seriousness it deserves.

A Virginia attorney can probably save you a return trip

Instead of paying travel costs for an out-of-state attorney to travel to Virginia to represent you in court, retaining a local attorney is faster and likely cheaper. In many circumstances, your attorney can represent you at hearings and negotiations without you being present.

That can allow you to return to life back home without ignoring the importance of handling your pending traffic infraction. It also means your attorney will know how to best mitigate the penalties and consequences of a serious speeding or reckless driving charge.

A ticket in another state is more than a financial headache. It can also negatively affect your insurance, employment and driving privileges. You have the right to defend yourself against charges related to speeding in Virginia, even if you live in another state. Partnering with a Virginia attorney is a good strategy for doing so.